1825 Unit 2

1825 Unit 2 - Base Station Markers
PublisherTresham Games
Publication Year2000
AuthorFrancis Tresham
VersionTresham Games First Edition 2000


Africa - Box Front
Africa - Box Back
Africa - Ready To Play
Africa - Second Place Is Hotly Contested
Africa - Playing Pieces
Africa - Player Aid Card
Africa - Exploring Tokens
Africa - Early Scoring
The End Of The Triumvirate - Africa Supplies
Africa - Early Play
Africa - Box Side
Africa - Early Play
Africa - Game Board
Africa - White Gained An Early Lead By Finding Gold And Gems
Africa - The Winner By Miles
Africa - Monuments Start To Appear
Africa - Spaces Appear On The Map
Africa - Early Game
Africa - Mid Game
Africa - Game End
Africa - A Mid Game Trade Goods And Base Camp Collection
Africa - A Herd Forms Early In The Game
Africa - A 5-Point Base Camp
Africa - A 17-Point Trade Goods Collection
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